Revenue Cycle Solutions


Every healthcare provider faces the challenge of providing quality care while remaining financially viable. This is true for hospital providers, health systems, freestanding facilities, and behavioral health providers, as well as physician and non-physician extenders. Because of the nature of each organization, the community it serves, and its own special circumstances, no two providers face the same revenue challenges. So any solution offered by on outside consulting firm needs to be 100% individualized to fit the specific needs of each client. That is precisely what SunStone offers.


SunStone helps you enjoy targeted results without compromising the delivery of care. Our Revenue Cycle solutions begin with a proactive diagnostic review that includes scheduling, pre-registration/registration, documentation, charge capture and billing processes.
We help you identify barriers that prevent your organization from achieving compliance and optimal revenue capture. We help clients develop formal work plans that identify opportunities for improvement, including revision of policies and procedures, and process improvements in interdepartmental communication and staff education. To share these best practices, we create educational programs that are delivered in the ideal format for each audience.
Our Project Management solutions help you manage the complexity involved in a billing system conversion. We help you measure the impact conversions have on registration, billing, accounts receivable and net revenue and we identify systemic issues that can impact a successful billing system conversion.
Our Contract Negotiation and Compliance solutions help you manage the contract process to ensure that payers are meeting their commitments and are receiving optimal reimbursement based on predetermined goals and strategies.


Our approach to each client is to combine our technical expertise and experience with the operational and technical knowledge of the provider’s personnel who are involved in the revenue cycle process. We employ best practices, key performance indicators, and results reporting. We work collaboratively with management and staff to develop an effective, comprehensive process that will produce long-term results. We help our clients adhere to regulatory requirements, while quantifying revenue integrity that can be gained from process improvements.


Vonda K. Moon, M.S.