Professional Physician


As a practice, the more time you and your staff can spend on patient-centered activities, the better. But in today’s complex financial environment, a number of questions arise: Does your fee schedule assure your practice receives appropriate payments? Our Documentation and Coding Assessment can help you answer this. Are your payers meeting their commitments? Our Revenue Cycle Review can help you be sure. Who’s protecting your interests? Our Contract Assessment Services can help manage the contract process to assure that you receive optimal reimbursement based on pre-determined goals and strategies.


Instead of attempting to solve these complex issues on your own, you can take advantage of our unmatched experience. We provide a realistic, objective analysis of your documentation, coding and billing tendencies, looking at past records and future projections. If our analysis reveals significant opportunities or vulnerabilities, our professionals can help you develop, implement and maintain appropriate plans of correction.


Our specialists have worked with dozens of multi-specialty physician practice groups on a full spectrum of solutions, including coding, pricing, charging protocol, reimbursement, compliance and revenue cycle issues. We support you with senior-level consultants who average over 25 years of healthcare regulatory, coding, reimbursement and revenue cycle experience. This includes staff with many years of revenue cycle operational experience in multi-specialty physician practices who have been directors of charge capture, revenue management, and billing compliance. Our hands-on operational experience makes us the best possible choice for your practice.


Perhaps the best thing that our clients have done is to refer us to other practices. To date, we serve dozens of multi-specialty practices, and the majority of those relationships came to us because they were referred by other satisfied clients.


Vonda K. Moon, M.S.