Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp CDM Update Solutions


The Charge Description Master (CDM) is one of the most important elements in your Revenue Cycle. But for PA workers’ compensation, it doubles as the primary fee schedule that determines your outpatient payments. Therefore, it’s essential that you provide quarterly updates to the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This ensures that workers’ compensation insurance companies have your most current facility-specific information, so they can efficiently process outpatient claims. When applications for Fee Review are submitted to the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, they will also be more successful when they are supported with this up-to-date information. It is always possible to ask your own staff to perform these detailed updates four times every year, but it can be far more cost-effective to outsource this assignment to SunStone professionals who specialize in this complex area.


This service provides a comprehensive evaluation of the current CDM against data that the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has on file. Many updates done by internal hospital staff typically use only the current system add dates on the CDM and ignore older items that may have been omitted. Our update service is much more thorough. We also provide a complete cross-walk of new items to old as required by the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Outpatient workers’ compensation collections will be faster, and problem claims will be easier to appeal to the insurers or to the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This can result in significant net revenue improvements, and can greatly improve the efficiency of all hospital business office staff who are responsible for workers’ compensation billing and collections.


When we compare many of our other services to the competition, it is clear that our experience and our commitment make us stand out from the rest. But in the case of our PA Worker’s Compensation CDM Update solution, the decision is even easier. This is literally the only service of its kind available anywhere.


Not surprisingly, many of our clients have told us that “Nobody knows PA workers’ compensation like SunStone does.”


This service is a valuable complement to our PA workers’ compensation recovery and claims pricing services. Underpayments on old claims are easier to recover, and new claims are priced more accurately when the CDM updates are done regularly.


Timothy M. Mosco, M.S.