International Breast Care Program


Small and medium sized hospitals are not typically involved in comprehensive research programs, since the cost of participation can be a barrier. As a result, they cannot enjoy the benefits that are associated with these programs. But the International Breast Care Program allows smaller organizations to participate in a world class research program in a cost-effective manner.

By asking breast care patients to donate three vials of blood during a regular blood draw and obtaining their consent to participate in this research program, once the hospital reaches the required 2% rate of participation, the hospital qualifies to file the necessary applications to become a Certified Breast Cancer treatment center. This has been shown to increase both hospital prestige and revenue.


By creating a Center of Excellence that is world class in scope, the hospital will provide the highest possible level of meaningful care to women, who are typically the primary healthcare decision makers of the household. The hospital enjoys market recognition for leadership and gains credibility for its forward-thinking outlook.

The hospital’s involvement in the Clinical Breast Care Program’s Breast Consortium involves collaboration with hospitals from various states and the Department of Defense, interaction with the International Scientific Advisory Board, scientists and clinicians recognized as tops in their field, and access to the newest, most effective procedures and treatments offered in the field of breast cancer. We also train the staff in Patient Centered Care techniques that produce significant increases in patient satisfaction scores.

The beneficiaries of this program include patients, the radiology department, breast surgeons, OB/GYN, and, the entire facility. Because of the prestige gained from involvement with this program, the hospital should experience significant increases in overall business and in revenue in Women’s Health.

Training for the program will be easily accessible, since it is conducted by Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.


There is currently nothing that competes with this program at the national level. Other than academic medical centers, access to quality breast care programs and treatments at this level are not typically offered by acute care hospitals across the United States.


Clients tell us that this program lets them provide a Center of Excellence for breast care that is recognizably superior to competing hospitals in their area. They also say that it creates a snowball effect in Patient Centered Care techniques and attitudes that has a positive effect throughout the entire hospital.


To cover the costs of this program, other SunStone services can help hospitals find new sources of revenue, such as recouping funds from Transfer DRG’s, Pharmacy Revenue Cycle, and Workmen’s Comp claims.