A different way to put our CDM expertise on your side: Pretium®

Pretium® helps hospitals perform pricing reviews that lead to the development of a structured charging methodology and CDM line item prices that will protect the hospital’s net revenue stream while being sensitive to the local market, facilitate the hospital’s ability to explain its detailed patient prices, and be in compliance with all regulations and guidelines.


Those are not simple goals to balance, but Pretium® delivers a high degree of confidence in your CDM pricing, because it is based on SunStone’s sophisticated pricing methodology that can be customized for each hospital’s specific circumstances and pricing philosophies. Other pricing software frequently provides the user with volumes of information (e.g., market information, fee schedules, etc.), but ultimately leave the identification of the actual CDM price to individual judgment. But Pretium® actually calculates and recommends a specific CDM price for each item. While some other pricing tools do identify a price, they hide the actual calculation from the user hospital, which is of no help when a hospital is required to explain how a specific patient price was determined. Pretium® provides comprehensive documentation that describes exactly how each price was determined.

CDMs are complex, with a large amount of internal relational logic. Many patient services have their own specific pricing issues. So we have designed Pretium® to let users incorporate these unique pricing considerations into the pricing calculation methodology. Pretium® also has a Pricing Review Screen that allows the user to revise any proposed price and to see immediately the estimated impact on gross and net patient revenue.

This ensures that the calculated proposed prices make sense in the context of the hospital’s overall pricing philosophy. The review screen allows a user to quickly and easily identify CDM prices that protect the hospital’s net revenue stream, while being sensitive to the local market, the hospital’s costs, and other benchmarks. Pretium® allows hospitals to explain their detailed patient prices, and keeps users in compliance with all regulations and guidelines. To fit your needs even more closely, our clients can use Pretium® with as little or as much assistance from our expert consultants as is needed.

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Pretium® can have a dramatic effect on your revenue cycle, and the productivity of your office staff.