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Many organizations – from hospitals to financial services – think that the key to performance improvement is to dig even deeper into their quantitative data until they find the key to success. At SunStone Management Resources, nobody has more appreciation for quantitative data than we do. But we also realize that it is only part of the answer.

The real answer is to take a balanced look at qualitative data and find a meaningful way to incorporate it into the total picture of business performance. This means factoring in customer opinions, employee interactions, media mentions, and social media activity. Not just for your business, but in the fuller context of the same qualitiative perceptions of your key competitors.

For a healthcare organization, this can include looking into the highly personalized interactions between caregivers and patients that play such a key role in patient satisfaction. It can also include the way family members and friends are treated during hospital visits. For other businesses, customer satisfaction can be largely influenced by the tone of voice of every employee the customer interacts with, whether in a call center or at a cash register.

It is this creative, out-of-the box brand of thinking that we bring to all our clients, backed by our years of experience in pinpointing areas where operations can be improved, and suggesting simple ways to implement those improvements. For our clients, the result has been gaining new ways to implement consistent innovation, realize sustainable development, and enjoy financial growth.


Gregory S. St.Clair, Sr. - Managing Principal

F. Nicholas Jacobs - International Director

  Gregory S. St.Clair, Sr. and F. Nicholas Jacobs

Gregory S. St.Clair, Sr. and F. Nicholas Jacobs