Financial Analysis & Reimbursement

To ensure that our clients receive all the revenue for services provided, we have created a full range of financial and reimbursement services. Our services include special reimbursement projects, such as outlier, medical education, DSH and bad debt payments Our professionals also help with Cost Reporting by preparing Medicare/Medicaid cost reports, and training your staff on reimbursement and report preparation.

We can also help you research regulations for new initiatives, including service changes, joint ventures or new hospital development, and develop regulatory compliance and reimbursement programs. And even though previous claims have been denied, our professionals are highly effective with appeals and re-openings that can lead to successful revenue capture.


Highly qualified reimbursement experts are very difficult to find. SunStone has 4 professionals with over 20 years’ experience, including part of their career as Medicare auditors. Our significant credibility with Medicare and Medicaid is an excellent partner for your organization in dealing with reimbursement opportunities and issues.


SunStone brings you tremendous reimbursement experience. With our professional consultants, you enjoy the knowledge that your consultants are well respected in the industry and are working hard to determine all the revenue you are due while being in compliance with governmental guidelines and regulations.


Our clients recognize our significant reimbursement experience and our approach to working collaboratively with their staff to address reimbursement opportunities and issues.

The Financial Analysis & Reimbursement Team

The Financial Analysis & Reimbursement Team